Top Tips for Maintaining Your Locks and Keys

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Security is an essential part of home peace. But when it comes to door locks they rarely get the attention they deserve. Because sometimes the owners don’t think about the importance of good locks. And maybe they ignore them because they don’t know what to do with them. If you’re doing the same you’re leaving a vulnerability for burglars. 

So, how can you maintain and improve the strength of your door locks and keys? For professional help, you can reach out to a locksmith Nashville. And if you want to do it yourself you can follow the following guide. 

8 Tips for Door Lock Maintenance 

Maintain Your Keys 

If you have been missing out on lock maintenance, you may not have even thought about the keys. Remember, if you have damaged or worn keys, you can also damage your lock. So, the best plan is to keep your keys clean and checked for signs of replacement, including: 

  • Jagged edges 
  • Warping 
  • Wearing 

Tip: Keep aside an unused original key so you can make accurate copies when needed. 

Check The Door

While your lock should be in good shape, ensure that it is also sturdy and does not require repair. You can follow given tips to make sure that your door can keep your home secure: 

  • Your door should be installed correctly. So, it is recommended that you hire a professional for the job as it is vital for your security. 
  •  Make sure that the hinges or tracks of the door are in good shape
  • Look for sagging, as it puts more pressure on the lock

Examine the Strike Plates and Screws 

Your door’s strike plate should be securely fixed and should not move. The door screws work in the same way. It will just take a few minutes of your time, but it will greatly increase the life span of your lock and your security.

Check the Deadbolt 

Sometimes, the weather can have a small impact on door operation. However, it should not affect the working of the deadbolt. When the door is closed, you should be able to open it without the need to push or pull the knob. And if you’re facing a similar situation, you should definitely contact a locksmith in Nashville to solve the problem. 

Don’t Pull Your Keys 

Many people have the bad habit of pulling out the keys that must be changed. If you put on extra force to pull out your keys you can damage the lock mechanism. You’ll not see it in the early days but over time it will impact your lock. 

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Use Oil or Grease on the Locks

Consult with a locksmith before you select a lubricant for your locks. If you’re in Nashville, you can search for locksmith in Nashville to find the best service providers. 

Tip: You only need to lubricate your locks once a year. 

Treat Your Door With Care 

Yes the doors and locks are sturdy and can endure more force. However, precautions can help you in making their life span longer. To do that you can avoid slamming the doors, or putting in unwanted force keys. 

Clean Your Locks Regularly 

The locks are constantly exposed to elements like dirt, light, and humidity. They can jam the lock if they are not cleaned regularly. So, keep your lock clean and reduce the threat of potential damage. 

You can use a cloth with warm water combined with a non-abrasive soap to clean your locks. Also, do not use petroleum products, as they can damage the lock. Moreover, ensure that you clean all the parts, including:  

  • Deadbolt
  • Latch
  • Keyway
  • Hinges
  • Strike Plate
  • Tracks or Threshold

Do You Need Help in Maintaining Locks and Keys? 

It is a reality that when it comes to home maintenance the locks and keys are always ignored. And if this mistake can damage our home security in the long run. So, make sure that you properly maintain your doors, locks, and keys. Keep them clean, damage free and ensure that your doors and locks are applied correctly. 

In case you’re facing lock issues you should contact professionals. One of the most experienced and skilled locksmiths are Nashville Locksmiths. So, connect with them and solve your lock issues.