Can an Auto Locksmith Replace a Lost Car Key Without the Original?

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It’s crazy how much we depend on our cars. We use them to go to work, the market, out of the city, in fact almost everywhere we take our car with us.  

What if you accidentally lost your car key? Woah! It is the worst nightmare of any car owner, but unfortunately, it happens to many of us. So, if you have lost the key, now what? The first thought that comes to mind is, let’s call a locksmith. But there is the question: Can an auto locksmith replace a lost car key without the original? 

The Answer is Yes! Today, we will discuss this scenario in detail. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Auto locksmiths can replace lost car keys without the original ones. 
  • Provide them with key info like model and VIN to streamline the process. 
  • No need to tow your vehicle. They will come to your location. 
  • Nashville Locksmith offers expert service for car key replacement 24/7 

What Kind of Replacement Key Do You Need? 

Do you need the car key replaced with your traditional key, transponder, or fob keys? For instance, if you need a replacement for an old model car’s traditional key, it only requires a conventional cut key from a block. However, if we talk about transponder keys, it is for modern vehicles, that is a bit complex to create. These keys have an installed programmable chip as a safety precaution. Even if the transponder key is cut, it needs to be programmed as well to start the car. 

Smart keys work as remotes, unlike ordinary keys. They only have a key fob that does not require an ignition switch, so they do not involve any key-cutting procedure. 

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Did You Lose the Original Key? 

If so, don’t worry! You can still get a new key. However, going to the dealer will cost you a fortune. Moreover, you will have to tow your car as well, which is an additional cost. 

So, the best idea is to hire an auto locksmith. He will make a new key for much less than the dealer. Even some dealers outsource locksmiths to make car key replacements. 

A competent locksmith has the skills to make a new key without having the original one. They can make keys of any type, including transponder and smart keys. 

What Information Does a Locksmith Require from You? 

Before hiring a locksmith, gather some necessary details, including:  

  • Make and model of the car 
  • Vehicle identification number 
  • Ownership documents 

The VIN is usually located on the driver’s side doorpost. Secondly, always keep the ownership documents or at least a copy in your car. When you lose a key, it is important to tell the locksmith the car’s make and model so they can bring a new fob key and reprogram it to align with your vehicle. 

If you lose the original key, don’t waste a moment—call a locksmith immediately to avoid inconvenience. If your original key is stolen, tell your locksmith. He will reprogram your car, so the old key becomes ineffective. 

Is Towing a Concern When You Hire a Locksmith for Car Key Replacement Without an Original One? 

When you call a locksmith for a car key replacement, you can relax knowing that you don’t have to tow your vehicle anywhere. The locksmith will bring all the necessary tools and equipment to your place.  

When you hire a locksmith, confirm that he is licensed and qualified. An unskilled one can even worsen the situation. When you search for an auto locksmith in Nashville, check reviews, or you can hire one based on friend or family recommendations. 

Need a Car Key Replacement? Contact Nashville Locksmith 

Are you searching for a licensed, insured, and skilled auto locksmith in Nashville to help you get a new car key without an original one? Contact Nashville Locksmith. Our locksmiths are well-trained and skilled. They have the expertise to make a new car key without an original one. For key fobs, they can be skillfully reprogrammed to operate your car. 

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